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Item Number: OpTime
Manufacturer: SOREDEX

DIGORA® Optime
The DIGORA® heritage is based on understanding the diagnostic and workflow needs of clinicians. The DIGORA® name is a promise of leading usability and clinical results now and in the future.

The New DIGORA® Optime introduces top of the line innovations and technologies while preserving the traditional DIGORA® benefits.

  • Touchless operation
  • Visually guided use with image preview
  • Improved image resolution better and easier diagnostics
  • Long lasting, scratch resistant imaging plates
  • Most comfortable, secure hygiene bags
  • Superior image quality
  • Speed and performance
  • Efficient workflow
  • Full daylight use
  • Compact size

Easy and fast to use

Visually guided use

The DIGORA® Optime supports users with simple animations. The system is quick to learn and it guides the user e.g. in proper plate insertion.

Image preview

The scanned image is shown on the screen. The user can immediately verify that the image is OK or if a retake is needed, for example because of a cone cut.

Lightning fast image readout

A high quality size 2 image is read in 5 seconds! The readout process is complete before the user has prepared the next plate.

Automatic plate detection and erasing

The system automatically detects the size of the imaging plate – no cumbersome cassettes, plate guides or drums are needed. Imaging plates are automatically erased without user interaction and are immediately ready for reuse.

Sharing with Multiconnect

Images can be sent to multiple workstations over the network. The system indicates which workstation have been reserved and to which workstations the images will be sent. This eliminates the need to have a dedicated PC connected to the system.

Excellent clinical results

New generation of long-lasting, reusable imaging plates

SOREDEX imaging plates are a result of years of development. The new generation DT (Dynamic&Tough) imaging plate offer three noticeable improvements on their predecessors. Firstly, they have an improved dynamic range, virtually eliminating accidental over and underexposures. Secondly, their resistance to wear and abrasions has been greatly improved. Lastly, the new imaging plates are clearly more sensitive, allowing better image quality with lower dose.

Repeatable, solid image quality without special training

The DIGORA® Optime automatically adjusts the gray levels in images to bring out the diagnostic information that you need. This means consistent results without having to change exposure settings for each patient, with minimized need to adjust images in the application software after image readout. The system is compatible with with both AC and DC intraoral X-ray units.


AutoOptimization adjusts the brightness and xontrast of the image automatically; image quality is always optimized.

Comfortable for the patient, 100% active area

SOREDEX Optime imaging plates and hygiene bags are very comfortable for the patient. The system can read imaging plates of four standard sizes (0, 1, 2 and 3), allowing you to select the right one for any patient and diagnostic need. In contrast to intraoral sensors or imaging plate systems that require plate cassettes or similar adapters, the entire area of the SOREDEX imaging plates is used for registering clinical information.

Patented IDOT imaging plate identification system

Each IDOT imaging plate is individually marked on the active side. IDOT makes it possible to easily find the imaging plate that was used to take an image.

Uniquely hygienic

Touchless operation

The system automatically detects your approaching hand and instantly prepares itself. Image readout starts automatically after you have inserted the imaging plate and move your hand away from the unit.
Uniquely hygienic for improved patient and user safety
The DIGORA® Optime can be operated without touching the unit at all! The system has minimal openings and is very easy to keep clean. With the protective covers, imaging plates do not need to be touched. SOREDEX hygiene bags minimize the possibility of cross-contamination.

Imaging plates

SOREDEX imaging plates are available in four standard intraoral sizes: 0, 1, 2 and 3. Each size has its accompanying protective covers and hygiene bags.

Protective covers

The protective covers protect from cross-contamination, prevent light from entering the plates between exposure and readout, and help in keeping the imaging plates clean and intact from mechanical wear.

Hygiene bags

The new generation hygiene bags have a novel double sealing mechanism and offer the best hygienic protection possible. Positioning is simple as one side of the bag is transparent. Sealing and opening is effortless. The hygiene bags are made of latex-free, food grade material.

Imaging plate holders
Full range of compatible holders for periapicals and horizontal bitewings are available.
Imaging plate storage box

A handy enclosure keeps imaging plates clean and ready for use.


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